Old School Runescape: The best quests for non-members

  • Today, yesterday is one of the best all-round MMO-RPG. Old School Runescape not only has running, fighting, nostalgia and story-driven quests, but also perfectly integrates these to provide players with a complete RPG experience. In addition, today the game can even be completed on mobile devices.

    Quests are a major feature of OSRS. Many simple gatherings or hunting activities are full of short narratives, including characters, twists and turns, and even some creative solutions to problems. Here are some guides for free gamers.

    Restless Ghost
    Because this quest is easy to think about afterwards, this quest must be fast enough and easy. Helping ghosts transition to the afterlife is the purpose of Old School Runescape this mission. The player needs to run quickly in the cemetery where the mission begins. It is an easy quest. However, it also has difficulties, such as the thirteen-level bones, which are used to protect the changes that interact with you to complete the task. At the same time, it is well known that low-level players can cross him, which is more embarrassing than death in battle.

    Pirate's Treasure
    It is a quest that requires new players to cross many terrains and does not require any hard battles. However, he has a premise that he took the red beard from the rum on the nearby island of Karamja, and he will be separated from the pirate's treasure map. Because there are strict laws prohibiting bringing rum into the water. Therefore, after eating the rum, it is as simple as following the map and digging.

    Doric's Quest
    It is a small quest that will be rewarded generously. After the player deals with the dwarf Doric, he allows you to use his anvil. Players need to collect some basic items through cheap, mining or discovery methods. This mission provides new players with more than one thousand mining experience, which makes this quest the absolute best way to start mining.

    Ernest The Chicken
    This quest is weird, and at the same time, it is built on Runescape's often humorous foundation. A field scientist accidentally turned his assistant into a chicken, and now calls on you for help. Moving around Draynor Manor and collecting the required materials is very simple and faces some minor threats. It is an interesting task. If you want to change the pace, you need to pass the aesthetic concept of the scientific laboratory, but in reality, you need to solve it through creative thinking. In addition, the reward comes with three hundred coins, so this is a great entry-level exploration.