There are several synergies between both of FIFA Mobile

  • With the addition of Glu Mobile, EA will have a large and FIFA Mobile Coins growing cellular company generating $1.32 billion in reservations. That includes more than 100 million monthly gamers on cellular, bringing in EA's global hit across computers, games, and mobile platforms to 430 million players.

    There are several synergies between both of these game manufacturers. Glu Mobile's team, headed by former Electronics veteran Nick Earl, has shown quite adept at producing, testing, and launching titles across various genres, including role-playing, sports, and lifestyle matches. EA's specialty is designing sports games under its EA Sports tag, but Glu Mobile has also proven it can consistently develop a mobile sports company. Tap Sports Baseball was a hit for the business, growing from about $4 million of bookings in 2014 to over $90 million in 2019.

    A deep pipeline of fresh games.The development pipeline in Glu Mobile looks really promising. It has new names set to launch soon, including Harness Sports Fishing, Deer Hunter World, and a upgraded version of Harness Sports Baseball for the 2021 season. EA intends to deliver Tap Baseball to new nations with its licensing experience from EA Sports.There can also be Table & fresh, a fresh lifestyle match, as well as a selection of hyper-casual games starting from Glu's Crowdstar studio.

    What's more, Glu Mobile can bring new ideas to EA about how to monetize certain names. The business reported seeing positive early results from this initiative around the last earnings call. Growth at a fair price.It's always worth checking the cost a provider is paying when it declares that a significant acquisition. Across three popular test metrics, Glu Mobile seems like a fantastic value in the movie game industry.EA is paying $12.50 per share in cash to Glu Mobile investors, which puts the latter's most price-to-free money flow multiple at 47.

    On a forward price-to-earnings foundation, Glu trades at a multiple of 25, that looks like a relatively good deal in comparison to its larger peer Zynga, which deals in a greater forwards P/E of 28. Glu can be a much better deal on a price-to-sales foundation with a multiple only under four, while Zynga transactions at closer to six times earnings , up there with Cheap FIFA Coins the industry's leading video game stocks.