If you have an hefty amount cash to RuneScape

  • It maxes out at grade 2 in f2p (was nerfed by Jagex), therefore RuneScape gold it's not actually the best armor in most states. You can still find adequate hybrid armor though, the ghost hunter armor (w/e it's called) is equally as good as you can get it from killing ghosts. Additionally there is dragonstone armor, but the cost is pretty steep.

    I thought it maxed out at tier 50. Finest f2p hybrid vehicle armour like he stated was dragonstone, that is grade 60. Incidentally a World Event is forthcoming this summer (May or June I believe) so you should be able to catch some warpriest then. The last time you could get warpriest was ancient 2014. I supposed grade two or three tiers or whatever, do not understand the lingo, only an 07 player dropping by. Warpriest armour is dreadful F2P. It's tier 50 but the stats are poor to the other tier 50'tank' armours due to being hybrid armour.

    In terms of the topic's question as the others have answered already Batwing is the best Magic armour available to F2Pers, but you can better your weapon(s) if you're currently using Batwing wand + book/shield. Gravite staff is significantly better and definitely worth getting in the event that you don't plan to become a part anytime soon. It is a Dungeoneering reward worth 40K tokens, which means it will require getting 400K exp via normal training in the Dungeoneering skill.

    Gloves and boots that you have limited options. It's possible to utilize GWD hybrid pair gloves and boots (Arma, Zam, Sara and Bandos), they are hybrid count as all three combat styles. They are not too good however they give Tier 50 Def stats due to being hybrid armour pieces.Was still completing my article and performing double post edits, but Leo posted and destroyed it.

    Hybrid material is totally free but requires one to camp gwd to get the pieces; T70 GWD is cheap; T80 GWD is much more expensive but better; T85 would be the very best defensve gloves and boots at the game to date if I'm not mistaken and cheaper than GWD T80. If you have an hefty amount cash to invest I'd get exactly the T85 ones, they look cooler and would be the very best tank gloves and gloves in the sport. T70 GWD are much cheaper and better for Slayer because of being power boots and gloves. T80 GWD are basically better version of the T70 ones, but certainly are a lot more costly and buy RS gold need to be adjusted.