Still negatively affecting portions of RuneScape

  • The challenge for us is that despite all of OSRS gold our programs and best intentions the problem is still enormous and, most annoyingly, nevertheless negatively affecting portions of our sport. We're continuing to combat bots on all fronts. In an effort to be open and transparent we need to discuss a couple of steps and initiatives we are just about to release/have released recently: We've recently improved our internal processes to have the ability to spot spam in the chat window and instantly mute the offender preventing the constant flow of communication from the gold farmers which are impacting the game experience. Your reports are extremely beneficial to us !

    Mandatory email validation for new accounts will include extra account safety and impair the volume accounts creation that gold farmers use. There are several different initiatives and activities that we plan to implement during the next few weeks and we will share them as frequently and in much detail because we can. The most significant of them is to come shortly. Also, we recognise that we have not been the best at conveying what we are doing and that changes now.

    While we are winning small battles by spending significant money and resources in attempting to combat this issue, the war is not going in our favour as we're trying hard to keep up with businesses whose only business 24 hours a day 7 days a week is to discover ways to get bots into the game. As a result, 1 thing has become really clear to us regardless of our ongoing efforts.

    We cannot win this battle . We need your help. So how can you help? To begin with, we would like to hear from you in a more coordinated way regarding your ideas about how to fight the robots difficulty. We will be developing surveys to help us know more about bots directly from you... we would really like to hear your response. We'd love to set up a special forum where we could have targeted Q&A's and receive formal feedback from you about particular initiatives. We'll allow you to know if this forum is setup and encourage you to join us.

    We expect that you will participate with and encourage your friends to use any tools that we supply to you that will help us identify and ban the bots such as the Spam Filter feature. And finally, we'd ask you to refrain from using bots or behind gold farmers. If there is not a marketplace, then bots will not exist. As was so eloquently put in a current article on"Standing up to Jagex [by voicing the opinion on the botting issue], one could argue, demands a certain amount of guts, but much more is needed to stand up to your friends". The player went on to say"The community should stand up for itself by simply following the principles and shunning those who don't. Lacking customers, the websites that place the robots up will close, and the sole botter will be the isolated real player. Ultimately, following the 3 pillars of the code of behaviour that Jagex set up-"Honour,""Respect," and"Security" are a duty of the players and buy RuneScape gold the community as far as they're of Jagex."