You can still use PSO2 body paint

  • Well, I'm presuming for PSO2 Meseta anything that does not instantly port out, the question boils down to whether that mechanic has any reason to exist. I am supposing that the gathering system (or at least the one we have) is not going to maintain NGS, at least on release. Probably same with all the crafting system. So there won't really be sufficient items to use a substance storage for.

    Body paint has the exact same limitation as other clothing: if you're using a PSO2 physique, you can still use PSO2 body paint. If you are using an NGS physique, it is possible to only use NGS body paint. Once you equip an NGS outfit/basewear/innerwear item, you can't use any PSO2 clothing"mixed and matched" along with all the NGS stuff. You have to commit to 1 game's style for clothing/body paint. Accessories and hairstyles on the other hand seem to be freely.

    Just because so much we know mags have no stat advantage now. My biggest concern is they're going to strip out important components like the ability trees and subclassing and be like every other MMO out there today void of alternatives. Edit: I understand this could be innocuous because it could mean they are just different talents or particular classes may not be 1:1, but I keep stressing we are going to have another WoW or FF14 on our palms where they gradually cut everything that isn't cosmetic out of the match.

    The more likely scenario based on info we've been given and what we've seen in the trailer is classes will be different and consequently skill trees won't be exactly the exact same in NGS. You aren't likely to have a major set of level restricted classes in NGS such as you do now in PSO2, none of this is moving in any way. NGS will have brand new courses and consequently new skill trees or differing development elements entirely so obviously it"serves a different purposes".

    They've even said camos for weapons that"do not exist" in NGS can't be utilized which suggests that they have various plans for the accessible weapon options in NGS. He skill tree system had an overhaul anyway. It is rife with"you must select this or you totally f'd up your tree", and united with not being able to reset unless a particular event handout or paying to an additional, generates a a scenario where everyone has to be the same build. It's an illusion of freedom and there are very many methods to better balance a progression system with legitimate development options that actually help you distinguish your personality without pso2 sales making yourself legally poor.