This is partially why I made the change to OSRS

  • OSRS feels more like the true OSRS golde I like playing than RS3. I was maximum prior to archeology, half method into 120 thieving, and I made the conscience decision that I'd rather re-max every ability from level 1 in osrs than perform rs3 and grind 1 99.

    I have also moved from rs3 into osrs recently for similar reasons. But one issue I have had with both games/communities is this idea that everyone wants to max or that maxing is somehow"the stage" of the match. Coming out of a Dungeons and Dragons history (which much of ancient RS was very much based on) I have never had a campaign in which our party made it beyond level 10. Even with like 3 years of playing the exact same character. Building a character and fleshing them out durning the early levels is super rewarding and the seeming impossibility of attaining the top echelons makes the world seem vast and incredible. I left so many different characters back into pre-eoc because I actually embraced the Role-Playing aspect of the MMORPG. I would just set myself special challenges or have a particular theme for the personality. Sure, after almost two decades there must be plenty of end game content. But it seems like that is all of the community is centered on.

    My main account is really a pure f2p in rs3 with a couple of 99s plus a couple more not away. I stopped the game for a span of approximately five years and returned last October.

    I am really close to my goals of obtaining 99 Defence, Prayer, and Magic, and my friend who has maxed twice today in f2p asked me that skill I had been going to work on next. I was like... there likely won't be another. I'm getting these 99s since I like them or because they had been youth dreams of mine. But I don't place any value . I am not going to do something I hate like Woodcutting or angling for hours just to find how the numbers go up. I mean, if I was a child with all the time in the world I might. However, in my adult life I want a little more out of my precious free time. I want something engaging, rather than afkable.

    So I moved to osrs and made an ultimate Ironman. And I've set myself additional thematic challenges and constraints. And while I really could ultimately do the same thing in Rs3, I discover that the exceptional equipment system of osrs makes distinct account builds more rewarding to playwith. And the neighborhood (especially YouTube content creators) is far more enthused about runescape 3 gold that style of game play.