I've been playing PSO2 NA

  • Less than if I'd bought a brand new game every month that I've been playing PSO2 NA (because PC launching ) but PSO2 Meseta still more than I'd have spent a standard brand new title. Closer to subway compared to free, but I am not whaling heh. I played free in jp then figured out how I could charge AC via PSO2es the telephone game got enough for stock space and premium on that. Definitely did not whale there.

    MMORPGs such as eso,ff14,terra,black desert just need too learn out of this masterpiece its a fking disapointment that I just if they realeased the game for xbox started playing 24/7 it already tock just 200+ hours I'm certain 1000 more must have for mmorpg vet who are sick paying abos like or litterly pay also play for nothing, this one is understand free too unlock and play season pass trough enjoying +they treat you like you dont even want too cover like eso and enjoy litterly pay overly playff14 locke I stated plus combat is about the weapons I play insane fun,quest dungeon Style,gameplay,crafting,Drops it shinses in evry Aspekt and I locate a fresh Feature that surprises me evry time its kinda perfect

    I'm enjoying the game so far myself. I've only been playing casually though (nearly lvl 50). The only thing I have been tempted to spend on money was storage, pursuit slots, and being able to market in the marketplace. The makeup are solid too, but I have not been tempted to purchase these. You can totally enjoy the game

    You can cut back the amount , although you cant kill them. 1 method is to disallow chat till you get to a certain level. It is simple and efficient. With bots, it's all about speed of consideration recreation for spamming, so gating the conversation to a level would kill a good deal of those.

    If just the Fresh Finds Tradable Bugged Things be removed from the Player stores which we can have appropriate moderation for deleting spam bots or a bot evaluation tool to prevent a character's action or bot script be a thing, and maybe some better ways to earn meseta without whaling. Where the spot is the game would be just right. Phantasy Star Online 2's English variant has created 1.5B Yen up to now (~$14M) according to the company's earnings report. That is the total for Sega F2P games in that quarter, and buy meseta pso2 has been Sega PSO2 revenue.