They wait till 2K21 say look at this new game

  • I concur with the vast majority of nba 2k21 mt coins the things on your list and I think most people here could. Here's the problem: 95% of those things you listed 2k does on goal and will never fix. It's been proven again and again they would rather have game that is bad that nets one dollar more than a one would. A lot of your suggestions will directly result in less money (pack odds etc), and also several would. A good deal of the things which are gameplay"errors" are deliberate. 2k does their homework and they know that people that are mad are more inclined to give money to them so that they get a leg up.

    As an example they know habit courts/jerseys are debatable but they would like you to say"that is bullshit I just lost because I couldn't tell the difference between the gamers and the courtroom. I want a better team so that I can smack on the cheesers who do so." Then that person buys packs. As a man who owns every city, classic and statement uni I really like the notion of more courts. Additionally from the classic uni segment warriors and raptors are white but are away unis although the has to be adjusted. Things like this would be so sick! Anyhow list.

    The 2K routine every year - have Mike wang talk about features and how good they are for every day before launch. All attributes and game launches are broken or Mike wang and invasive goes off the radar till 2K22 launch window. Bruh it's the exact same game but shit is tweaked by them. They know. But they wait till 2K21 say look at this new game and comes around. We are currently patching and changing intimidator badge! When this shit needs to be patched two of 2K20 launching ideas must be implemented to the game that was NEW.

    Every time I feel like people people are waking up to 2ks ways that are egotistical, I assess their earnings and they're always selling nicely. I told myself I wasn't going to buy 2k20 and that I would have never played with it had it not been around gamepass. I wish more people could hold out that 2k addresses the problems with their own game.

    The issue is that it's the only basketball game out there, because they love basketball, and people are buying it. If EA came out with a COMPETITIVE baseball match. 2k would pull their finger out and make a NBA 2K21 game we can truly enjoy. I ai not gonna purchase the present gen 2k21, I am not gonna spend $140 Australian to have a NBA 2K21 match for two months that is barely altered and then move to next gen all to start over again. It would be great if folks held out and voted with there wallet. To demonstrate how awful this participant base is. They can not even make enough noise on petitions or media to buy mt nba 2k21 on its own practices challenge 2K at LEAST.