Does anyone else feel like the current OSRS is superior?

  • What are the essential differences? Well for starters a TON of RS gold upgrades have been geared towards improving the quality of life and total participant experience without bloating RuneScape. Graceful armor with endurance pots, little changes like the ease of transport, the make screens. It all sort of fills the exact same niche that a ton of the summoning content supplied without creating RuneScape feel so too bloated.

    Of summoning on the topic, I firmly believe it still is the ability to be published and probably was. It made everything feel bloated. There was the requirement to loot untradeable charms in addition to cash making drops that are normal. Suddenly there was no necessity to remember to deliver a BoB for particular skilling and money earning, then another drainable point method to remember along with prayer. A potential battle partner that ONLY worked in multi when a great deal of important PvM was solitary way anyways which supposed the most useful familiars would be the supportive ones (Bunyip/Unicorn). It made areas feel over crowded when everybody is bringing their finest.

    They performed better than the way summoning brought them and been executed in some way in the current game. Let's get into gear, well the majority of the equipment that existed back then is the majority of the gear that is cherished, in the game. Let us be honest, nobody is currently overlooking the sword of Korasi, even if it had been considered good. I really prefer the volatile nightmare staff simply because it MAKES SENSE. It provides that same Korasi-esque special but it needs a magic based assault style bonus to be helpful.

    Overall the addition of spells and firearms has made the classic battle triangle. Wrath spells gave that extra oomph it so desperately needed for the typical spell book to magical. Equipment selection is quite excellent. RuneScape in the time did introduce Pernix armor, but from what I recall the T80 Pernix was fairly useless. 1 thing I'll admit that RS2 had that would be a great deal of fun is Dungeoneering as a stand alone ability. I was wavy to it, but eventually realized how much fun the skill really was for some pretty cool perks involving best in slot firearms to habit resource dungeons.

    It would have been better if the skill felt more tied to the main game as opposed to a mini-game in skill format. I have yet to try out the gauntlet in OSRS though I don't know if OSRS has managed to capture that good feeling Dungeoneering rbought. Anyways, just a couple of thoughts, I've seen other posters state they'd go back to Pre-EOC in a heartbeat however, outside of the additional quest storylines, I discover that the current condition of game feels more balanced and buy runescape 3 gold well thought out than RuneScape in the time back then.