Use Sets for Phantasy Star Online 2

  • Although they take gear set in the set in the storage so that you can ditch any gear that you do not utilize if it's located there but are saved to a set to buy PSO2 Meseta storage. Do not worry about breaking up your sets. Plus they grey out and will load what you can. You can rename them. Use this often! They also include skill trees you have in use with the sets and any weapon/sub palletes (or activity pubs, dunno na name atm). Shifting classes outside sets can cause all palettes/equipment's to reset and not recall what they were. Use Sets for it! (seriously I love this option).Also go into your options and place Automobile loot stuff and loot drop alerts to what you wish to make some things simpler. Going over all the options may not be a bad idea at all actually when you take time for this. (Some default choices are fairly blegh)

    Some useful shortcuts. N is area/radar map in front with coordinates, like a map I actually love. The minimap isn't so great at showing the map. M will switch your minimap to a more closer perspective and a little view of the entire map. With toggling the area/radar map to get better 16, I prefer with the more local view. 1 thing that I found a bit strange on your guide. Things on the floor for me have more then 3 colours. Blue/Orange/Yellow indicate MEL/TEC? RAN forms up to and including 6 star. Keep an eye for these when you desire a greater rarity in that category or feed them. Green is both disks and consumables. Light Purple is for'my room'.

    Red is 7stars and higher. Generally I consume and including 9 celebrities to nourish mag (does not apply if you like a DEX mag). And 10+ to recycle store or item grinding. (advanced stuff, but at the time you get this far you need to know what this is). And Rainbow al however on jp I never noticed this happen so far. First piece has 1 paragraph which appears to be cut off partway and to the next sentence? Sorry for the surpassing long post. It became far. All the above were stuff I am glad I learned them. Cause I would have gone nuts haha.

    You're welcome. I forgot a few things that were minor and made some modification. Can leave it at that. Except for those edits (most of these were about gathering). So that I have somewhat of a sense of stuff for those level 40 + materials, I tested up stuff on JP until character degree 78. I only played for like 3 weeks, so I have a beginner view. Also added a section for fixing the mag. As it e.g. falsely say that someone will probably never use items. While they are used as an alternate to balance/fix stats that are specific to reduce leveling in 2 or more stats along with your mag.

    Just to clarify 1 thing, Expeditions (Free Fields in JP) simply send one to the Campship straight away if you select"Search in Multi Blocks" when beginning the mission. If you select"Sesrch inside this Block" (or something similar, then you have to walk to the Campship. This matters since you can accept a mission, choose start within this Block, do the client purchase option in which you select dictates that are pertinent to your assignment, and then instantly reselect the Expedition, Urgent Quest, whatever, and then pick Mukti block in the counter (it will only confirm you need to abandon the quest you started). This way you only get orders that apply to your mission. You are able to select whether multi or cheap meseta pso2 block is selected by default in preferences.