Dwyane Wade at NBA 2K

  • I know im when most of mt for sale 2k21 the people are shitting on dwade. I know for a fact people dont watch bball here. Second mistake was believing they had been old enough to watch DWade in his prime.He's only the bridge between the old school and new school ways of nba playing. While being deadly off the dribble from the midrange he brought a athleticism to his game. NBA 2K20 changed past him they are inclined to forget how dominant he was at the early-mid 2000's. But yes a few were also babies or not born. I had been a fan with a d wade poster cuz that he was good. (That came down when lebron took his abilities into south shore tho!)

    This take is exhausted. If Giannis never wins a ring around the Bucks is he no more a player, mvp, etc? Dude is gonna have his number and everything and people like you might just disregard him because he didn't do something like unite a 73 win group for a quick ring. Basketball is a team sport. Nothing is meant by rings when speaking about talents. I also love how folks also just take what is on paper into consideration. Pro Sports can go either way. The talent level is not quite as extreme as you'd think. Obviously you have generational talent that is better than the rest but with good training and smart play with a team can go way beyond what they are capable of on paper. Or last years Blazers.

    Undoubtedly Harden is a player, but undoubtedly not the SG of all time! Im putting Wade,Kobe and MJ before him daily. Sure these three men had other celebrities with them won with a championship team, but these men have shown themselves in critical playoffs and finals games, something Harden has yet to do. I will keep doing so and been married for Harden to triumph the last few years, but frankly, rockets have frustrated. You forgot to add AI to that listing as well as T-Mac anf even VC. Do not forgot Harden is raking advantage of these rules these days that those guys didn't have. Until he quits flopping I can't honor Harden.

    So a lot of folks don't understand basketball. It is a two way sport, also Harden is an embarrassment on the end. Except perimeter protection for guards is nowhere as important as staff defense or rim protection along with also a SG's defense is just like 20 percent as important as his offense.That doesn't make sense. If everyone is average, you can not have solid team defense. I am not even like a Kobe fan or anything, but go tell that guy that his shield does not matter. Or Jordan. Or wade. Or some other number of really SGs. Yeah, rim defense matters, but it doesn't matter whether the shooting guard keeps his guy and does not let him get that Harden is incapable of.

    His technique is embarrassing. He allows the center of the ground to the players and literally opens up defensively he defends. His feet doesn't slide worth a shit. There is a reason he can not, and never will have the ability to, get his team to a championship win one. Like I mentioned in an earlier comment - I would be willing to wager that you think that Trae Young is worth a damn. I hate Trae Young. Harden is a multiplayer, on the other hand, no tired old tropes about his shield from 2015 mar his reputation in my eyes. You may telephone him generational. But until he impacts a game he must never be thought of cheap mt nba 2k21 as among the finest, let alone THE finest, SG if all time.