This is a weapon for purely attacking focused PSO2 gamers

  • This bow has a of 2851, which makes it among the most powerful in Phantasy Star Online 2. This bow is great for getting in a couple of pso2 sales added hits in battle. With the Auxiliary Arrow capability, it establishes a chase arrow when the photon artwork strikes on an enemy. The arrow gets a power boost for 15 minutes, if you dodge an attack using a measure. It has the Liberated Fang ability that decreases PP intake, and increases power hit rate. This bow is excellent for capitalizing on movement and critical hits.

    This rod is found throughout the Split Quest and the Split Medal Exchange. This pole is the most powerful in Phantasy Star Online 2 with a foundation S-ATK of 1570, a base T-ATK of 2332, a max S-ATK of 2119, and a max. Aside from the foundation damage, this pole includes Execour Glare abilities and the Despot Awakening. Execour Glare gives a +20 ATK boost and a +50 DEF boost. After being close an enemy for 40 minutes by using a standard attack despot Awakening is triggered.

    This talis concentrates on playstyles and balancing support. The Liberated Fang ability raises power up to 16 percent and increases chance that is critical up to 20% while decreasing PP consumption up. When you add in the base T-ATK of this talis, the crit chance can help Phantasy Star Online 2 players shred through enemies. The talis can also have the Speedy Support capability, making it great for playing with a support role if necessary. The ability reduces zondeel's ability and lowers support techs' charge time.

    This wand has ATK stats using a maximum S-ATK of 2458 and a maximum T-ATK of 2442 when leveled. It can have Persona Reverie skills and the Resenting Prayer. Persona Reverie causes a -20 DEF debuff but gives gains ATK by 40. Resenting Prayer reduces your PP to zero if you use a Photon Art or Tech while PP is maxed out. But it also reduces interrupts PP and PP consumption at frequent intervals until it is maxed out. This is a weapon for purely attacking focused Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers.

    This collection of Jet Boots is so interesting. It is only accessible through Mining Base Defense. It's a distinct abilities, Urgent Maneuver 1 and 2 and Radiating Grace. PP regen increases by 17%, which is very helpful for people which make heavy usage of Photon Arts. PP regeneration raises by up to 200 percent while the weapon is sheathed. While the weapon is unsheathed, it quits PP regen that is organic but raises regen that is active up to buy PSO2 Meseta 60%. It also frees up to a power increase. Urgent Maneuver 2 has an almost effect. While sheathed, 60% decrease Organic PP regen. When unsheathed, it raises both PP recovery by up to 20% using a power increase up to 8 percent.