OSRS Weekly Q&A Livestream

  • What is the point in this thread if you aren't planning to buy RuneScape gold ask any of these questions Acorn? When you did one a few weeks back you simply asked boring typical questions such as; what's your day to day job like, what's the most interesting project you have worked on, what's the biggest challenge you've faced at Jagex etc.. These aren't that intriguing sorry, I believe folks would rather have questions answered from the thread so that they can learn about forthcoming changes, ideas on fixing pieces of content etc.. I have 16 questions on my document out of Reddit thread that is last and this Reddit ribbon. Sorry if your specific question wasn't asked on any of the current livestreams.

    I've got some thoughts that I've tweeted about and got some attention. High/low alchemy pills - would start an interface like the explorers ring. Another use for clay. Ash said the dev who created tablets wanted to create these but was not able to at the time. Bones to peaches on any bone - that I end up bonecrushing most bones because lack of use following 99 prayer, no way to use bones to peaches etc.. This would assist in some places where bones have been dropped but not necessarily used. Personally fossil or wyrms wyverns for me. Ash said the exp threshold could change to have the ability to work on most of bones predicated on xp they would give.

    Rune Dragon slayer area - All these are greatly alt accounted, frequently 3+ people per room. So iron accounts can't capture the loot, dragons are left damaged. A slayer only option is a terrific benefit to this task. I really like this task but it's quite frustrating to do sometimes even on complete worlds etc.. Red Spider job - that was a leagues job that has been amazing. It enabled us to kill spiders in the dungeon whether it be even the smaller ones or Sarachnis. It was a task with decent loot. Devs desired this a job that was slay before leagues and together with the success of championships I had been wondering if we could revisit this coming to the major game. Maintaining it spiders will allow several Konar variance.

    Range on some critters wanders - catacombs are the worst about this but I have seen it in various places. Monsters ramble wayyy into jelly or ankou area jellies into dagannoths or sand crabs, into another area. Would it be possible without needing to bring an obstacle to lower their range? I have lumby ring and use it often. When it is used by me, I still desire more and often exhaust all the charges. It. Tabs would be a far more expensive choice. Costing ~500 gp more daily usage.

    I don't know how popular of a notion this is. But after grinding chaos ele out, I think the thing which will make it tolerable will be able to see of somebody has has labeled monster. As it stands, pkrs are my favorite player to run into. I will escape or perish and return. But there's some people who see it being killed by me, tag the chaos ele then leave. I would not call it crashing I do not jump and rs2007 gold get followed because closely, but it is still much more destructive than murdering me.