RuneScape comes with a similar matter

  • So no I do not think that it's the gem that is hidden keeping buy RuneScape gold popular or remembered. And efforts to"revitalise" it are in vein since the core issue with it is it's so disconnected from the main game for the majority of players. A PvP system that almost requires you constructing specific accounts to triumph is not encouraging entry for new players. Particularly when that new account demands separate membership.

    My main opinion on PvP fixing is that we are not likely to attract PvPers en masse with the current game design. So we ought to concentrate on fixes for the existing and dedicated playerbase to make this material more enjoyable. Essentially a"QoL" style thing for PvPers in efforts to eliminate annoyances and clan-centric issues. More minigames will divide the playerbase, but they're essential to allowing people to PvP without creating a whole brand new accounts for it. Which is why the PvP scene won't ever grow. Same issue WoW needed for years and years where if you do not enter PvP early in a growth you ended up coming up against individuals with PvP specific gear and you just had to smash your face against a wall for long until you got that

    Rs comes with a similar matter. To be part of the size of pking that is wildy that you need to make a pure. To make a pure means a second account, with great game knowledge, and a very specific construct. Particular mistakes could mean the account requires time investment and moves up one or even two mounts. And at the end of all that you're fighting people for 50k risk until you're good enough to do danger fighting at which point you can do that on a maxed primary really. PvP is not enticing to perform. I have never found it thoroughly enjoyable evem after building multiple different Pures. I lose interest in it quickly because it eliminates all of the elements of RS I love. Progression, effort-reward ratio, and freedom of choice.

    Anyone have some thoughts that aren't exploitable? Look, you pkers need more ppl into pk but you have no good idea about the best way to bring ppl in. It'll be exploited, if jagex adds anything that gives extra rewards. You guys were not happy with pking just being pking, you men got deadman mode, LMS, pvp worlds and new weapons during pvm updates. You won't ever be happy with just pking so they must keep trying to bully you men. RuneScape is super simple, how the hell do you expect them to create pking distinct? Try hards destroyed the wild and made it inaccessible to players that are new, alter my mind.

    PvP will never be great. It's only for gamblers. Because of the risk. I don't enjoy losing my shit. I don't think anyone does. There's a reason a lot of games do not punish you with passing mechanics. Simple reality is I am not going to risk sufficient in PvP to make it rewarding for someone attempting to kill me. Bounty Hunter ended up creating a system that was very exploitable and just tried to resolve this by making kills rewarding. Jagex should ditch the risky death mechanisms. I'd spend much more time at the wilderness allowing my asshole is wrecked by PvP pures when I wasn't losing of my things each time. Not a popular opinion but cheap RS gold that is how I see it.