The combat system that is whole OSRS gold

  • The combat system that is whole OSRS gold. Most bosses attack at a 4 game tick rate (2.4 moments ) which makes the whole thing feel "turn based" than pre eoc. I think calling it"crap" tries to suggest it seems like pressing all the buttons all of the time and skills just fire as quickly as you can push buttons if they're off cooldown, which is not really true.

    If you prefer, you can think about all fighting as autoattacks (it's not, mostly because autos still exist individually, but run with me for a sec) where the ability you utilize next raises or lowers the damage based on whether you used a more powerful ability or a weaker ability. What you are describing sounds more like a way because it is, compared to a change to the system to wrap the head around EoC.

    We're at a stage where everything is heavily designed about ability usage. I figure at a certain point I do not fully comprehend the system you are proposing because I really do understand EoC as it exists now. (Edit to say I hope that makes sense and I don't want to come off as shitty only hope this is informative, if you want help with EoC or whatever runescapey feel free to pm me I am far from ideal or top tier but that I know a good deal about Runescape sport ).

    Release eoc did feel as if ability spam to me personally, you cycle however a handful of abilities until you get adren for a brink pressing 12345 in order of what is buy rs3 gold off cooldown every 1.8s, I had been doing slayer to be honest so that is how I felt in launch and taste just sort of stuck