I was the primary tank for the gold wow classic

  • I was the primary tank for the gold wow classic whole length of Legion and I have never noticed ourroster change so dramatically over a month at a time, folks were so desperate that they had to roll several same class charactersin hopes of having BiS Legendaries.The currency for legendaries was added nearly two years in the expansion. I dont really careabout what guild you're in, I cleared all the content aswell as a prot warrior, the garbage tank.

    What your guild was performing ispurely anecdotal considering we were also able to clean mythic content with several member, such as a MM hunter, using subparleggos (I also , the major tank with prefix Prydaz). We never had any progress issues which were solved by acquiring betterlegendaries from the raid, they had been just boons.The stuff you inserted in edit really highlights the issue, you're within aultratryhard guild competing for top places, literally the smallest crack in equilibrium will at that point get people benched.

    Your experience had nothing to do with legendaries being broken, even if they had been badly implemented initially.My friend, wasunlucky and didn't become frost mage mythical (wrist, I believe, not sure) for a very very long time, but after it dropped he wentfrom leading 10 dps to high 3-4, which was crazy to see.Lul I had been oneshotting people in world pvp as Prot pala with mythicalshoulders and eye of tyr ability.

    Really cool idea and it was awesome to buy classic wow gold see it in the sky but the zones were so terrible.It'ssubjective I guess, I really enjoyed them. Notably Mac'Aree.if you neglect at navigation is was whole arse, however if you're goodat navigation is awesome. I simply did not like the environment design. Always wished they did with Argus, but I really liked theway they moved with Mac'aree.I believe it's the very best ancillary content they have ever made. What section of krokuun andantoran wastes is good? I know the RNG was annoying, but holy shit it felt really cool to be whatever course you had beenenjoying.