Probably the classic wow gold

  •  The bosses were all iconic. Star Augur was mad.Krosus wasso enjoyable, and how it it combined the true city into the raid was so cool.Probably the classic wow gold most fun I ever had playing WoW. It wasonly really good content and an awesome story.The entire Suramar narrative was great. .I frankly don't understand how they can attimes make SO MUCH CONTENT and still add more on top of it (think about it apart from Suramar you had the artifact questlines...3to every course, therefore many individual quests + CLASS CAMPAIGNS).For some reason it felt as though they had more developmenttime with legion or utilized it better.

    They did have more development time with Legion. They started WoD and began focusing onLegion ancient and that was the result of the additional development time and focus. The bi-annual release cycle likely sacrificesus getting Legion level expansions every release. Would probably be better to get 3 year cycles with.4,.5.

    And maybe.6 patchesevery growth in order to have better end products shipped, but this is just my opinion.Hmm ok that makes sense, but I believedthey'd had a work model where they worked on fresh growth why the current growth is out. Having distinct groups for new andpatches expansion content.So you shouldn't have to ditch the present expansion to have additional time for another one right?Myunderstanding is going back to enjoy BC or Wrath is that they have two groups. Team A will design one expansion and support it forits own life cycle.

    Team B will be working on the mywowgold following expac and then transition into supporting it if it releases, at whichpoint Team A begins working on the next expansion. Some functions like graphical artists will shift around as needed and are notdependent on just one team.In WoD they had the team just ditch boat and start helping with Legion.