5 Signs of Hearing Loss that You Should Not Overlook

  • Hearing loss is one of those conditions that come quite unknowingly. Before you understand it, people around you will start telling you that you need to have your hearing checked. Your family members might understand that something is wrong, as they start noticing that you cannot hear conversations easily. You may often need to turn the volume of television louder. The sooner you get tested, the better off you’ll be. A quality hearing aid might be the answer to your hearing challenges, -allowing your brain to adapt and adjust with it. Hearing aids in Peterborough are available in various forms and styles to treat different levels of hearing loss. (Information source: https://www.theeardepot.com/our-services/hearing-aids/)

    How does Hearing Loss Affect a Person?

    If not treated in the earlier stages, hearing loss may have medical and psychological consequences. The reduced hearing can often get associated with cognitive decline. You may experience issues in mental health that include depression, anxiety and even dementia. Treating hearing loss with hearing aids may decrease the risk of cognitive decline, and can stabilize mental health conditions.

    Physical health or personal safety is also endangered by ignoring hearing loss. The chances of falling or accidents are increased with hearing loss.

    If left untreated, hearing loss may even cause a decline in relationships and social interactions. You may experience social isolation, as you cannot take part in a conversation with friends and family. This hampers the quality of life, leading to depression.

    The Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore!    

    People Tell You about Your Loud Voice:

    When the hearing ability is compromised, it gets harder to measure how loudly you are speaking. If people are complaining that you are speaking too loudly, you should consider it as an early sign of hearing loss. At this point, you need to get your hearing checked.

    You Miss Parts of Conversation:

    In family parties or get-togethers or in an official meeting, you may often miss the parts of conversations while having a problem in hearing. If this happens several times, it is time to see a doctor and have your hearing tested. The professionals will check your hearing ability by conversing with you as well as by testing clinically the condition. You should not be worried about wearing hearing aids, as the device will make your life easier.

    You Turn the Volume Up:

    The decibel level that normal people can tolerate is up to 60 decibels. More than 60 decibels may seem right to people with severe hearing loss. For this reason, there are chances that people having hearing loss turn the volume of television up. However, actually, the sound seems too loud to others and this is considered as a common sign of hearing loss.

    Having Ringing in the Ears:

    Tinnitus or ringing in the ears may be a sign of hearing loss, although it also may be caused by an underlying condition, injury in the ear or circulatory system disorder. Besides, you may often experience ringing in the ears due to prolonged exposure to excessively loud noise. However, having it occasionally is normal, whereas constant tinnitus may be a symptom that coincides with hearing loss. So, you need to make an appointment with the doctor.

    Problem Hearing in Crowd:

    If you are experiencing difficulty in understanding the words spoken by others, especially in the crowd, there must be something wrong and you need to give it a thought. With a hearing loss, the background noise will make you feel that people are speaking in a low voice. In such a condition, you may need to ask others to speak more slowly and loudly. If this happens, certainly you need a doctor to test your level of hearing loss and treat the condition.

    Early treatment can be possible only when you stay aware and find a reputable hearing aid clinic instead of wasting time. Good professionals can help you choose the right hearing aid based on your lifestyle, level of hearing loss, and personal preference. Get back to enjoying your life, get your hearing tested sooner rather than later. And make use of the suggested hearing aids, that your hearing instrument specialist recommends. You’ll be glad you did.