Services Offered by ERP Software Companies in South Africa

  • Equipped with a wide variety of features, ERP systems are now quite essential for running a business. To put it simply, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is the integrated management of main business processes, such as manufacturing, inventory management, supply chain management, human resources and more. ERP software companies in South Africa custom design and offer tailored ERP services to your company so you can manage your business better. (Information credit:

    An ERP services company offers several services to clients:

    ERP System Consulting:

    Before you think about implementing an ERP system, you need to know and understand the ERP software and how it functions. ERP software companies offer expert professional consulting to their clients. They can provide advice on important software like Dynamics NAV system, what it can do and how the company, with its current business processes, can benefit.

    They also offer software-specific advice and configuration planning, so you have a deeper understanding of the business benefits for your company. Keep in mind that experience is everything in this context. Therefore, consider going for an ERP service company that is in a certified partnership with top software companies like Microsoft. Only a company that has clear knowledge and practical industry experience can assist you in consultations about design and implementation.

    ERP System Implementation:

    After consulting your ERP solution provider, you may proceed to implement it in your business. A tailor-made ERP solution has powerful benefits and it can save your business time and capital. However, to have these benefits, you must incorporate proper system planning and implementation. Professional implementation is important because:

    • An integrated ERP system affects processes and people in the company.
    • It is important to do things accurately with minimal disruption the very first time.
    • There are years of experience and industry expertise behind a customised ERP system, so it offers optimal support for a business.
    • ERP software companies listen intently to every client’s business processes and requirements and then translate these needs into tailored ERP systems. They are specifically designed for supporting a company’s unique processes and business goals.


    ERP Software Training:

    Custom solutions provided by ERP software companies are intuitive and easy to use. They are also designed to integrate ERP and accounting processes within a company. However, ERP training of company employees is crucial when a system is designed for cutting across company divisions and unifying processes. The professional consultants of ERP software companies can guide the employees and provide effective training.

    ERP solution support:

    ERP software companies do not end their relationship with the clients after the implementation. They also provide cost-effective ERP solution support and ensure that the employees of their client’s companies adapt to using the system quickly. Employees are also given efficient and accurate technical help whenever they need it.

    If you are considering contacting an ERP service company in South Africa for the implementation of effective ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you will certainly benefit from the several services they can offer your company.