How to Maintain Your Brand’s Online Reputation

  • Maintaining a good online reputation is key for all brands and businesses. Your online reputation speaks volumes about your brand, and it’s how your audience and others see your brand when they search for it on the web or come across it randomly. Maintaining your online reputation plays a major role in the main purpose of all brands and that is creating a loyal customer base. There are many digital marketing companies in South Africa that can assist with maintaining your brand’s online reputation. (Information credit -

    If you do not focus on monitoring and improving your online reputation, you stand the risk of potentially losing out on massive opportunities to grow your brand and gain loyal customers.

    The first step is where you form your foundation. You must brainstorm and decide what kind of reputation you want your brand to exhibit. For example, do you wish to exhibit yourself as an industry authority, a brand that is very engaging with the online community, a brand that does creative marketing, etc.? You can be anything but maintaining a one base foundation is vital so people can recognise you for your unique reputation.

    Keeping Track of Online Reviews

    Online reviews are probably the most effective way to maintain your online reputation. Reviews are written by your customers and clients, who’s opinions hold a great deal of power since they can shape your online perception of your brand. Other people view these reviews and gain insight about your brand, which makes an impact on their perception as well. Therefore, to maintain your reputation, take advantage of the reviews. Don’t flee from negative reviews, instead provide a solution. This will showcase to other people viewing the reviews that you care about your customers and interact with them. Thereby, improving your reputation. To a large extent, a well-managed online reputation can balance out the bad reviews.

    Social Media Presence

    Social media takes up the largest portion of your online presence and reputation. Therefore, keeping track of your social media platform activities and maintaining a consistency across distinct social media helps with your brand’s online reputation. This could be by maintaining a colour scheme, logo usage and placements, layouts, etc. Maintaining consistency across the different social media platforms allows your audience to remember you and recognise you at a glance, irrespective of which platform they saw you on first.

    Keeping Track of Mentions

    Keep track of your brand’s mentions, product mentions, or service mentions. You need to be aware of what people are saying or discussing about your brand. You can utilise several tools that will notify you when there is a mention about you on the web. This is also important for your reputation, as you can tackle negative mentions before it harms your reputation. If you are not aware of people’s opinions about your brand, you will never know how to better it or grow.

    Last but not the least, you must set up a few golden rules or guidelines that your employees and your brand’s content must adhere to in order to carry out online reputation management. Some of the guidelines that include sensitive data should not be shared, employees must get approval before posting content, reserve the right to edit or delete contents, etc.