Equipment You Need to Start A Catering Business

  • The exact type or number of equipment and items required to start a catering business depends on the type of catering business you are planning to operate. For example, if you want to sell cakes at local food markets, you will need many moulds for cakes and cupcakes, but you will not need serving dishes.

    On the contrary, if you want to cater for parties, then a large variety of dishes are a must. You can contact the stainless steel catering equipment manufacturers in South Africa for the different items you require.

    Below is a list of some of the most in demand catering equipment:

    Equipment for Bulk Cooking: Keep in mind that cooking for a catering event is vastly different from cooking at your home. While you need to prepare food for a few people and you can take all the time you need, a catering business means that you need to serve a large number of people. You also need to be faster because time is limited. Therefore, you need the right equipment for bulk cooking. Functional equipment with a capacity for large production is ideal for this. For bulk cooking, you need a mixer, electric oil-jacketed pot, 3-solid top stove with or without an oven, steam jacketed pot, electric or gas tilting pan, etc.

    Bakery Equipment: Baking cakes involves many tasks that can be highly time-consuming. This is why you need to be well prepared if you want to bake cakes and cupcakes. The same goes for people that run bakeries and provide bread, rolls, baguettes, pies, and dough. The equipment that can make your work easier are bread moulders, bread slicers, bun dividers, cake mixers, deck ovens, dough dividers, dough mixers, doughnut fryers, doughnut robots and station, French baguette moulders, roll moulders, loaf ovens, and a water chiller.

    Serving Equipment: If you want to be successful in the catering industry, you need to have the right serving plates to serve your customers. However, only having the plates is not enough. You must not forget about the dishwashers because it is impossible to clean so many plates manually. Not to mention, a high-quality dishwasher provided by renowned stainless steel catering equipment manufacturers can wash dishes a lot more effectively than a human. It is an important piece of equipment for maintaining proper hygiene.

    Miscellaneous Equipment: Other items you may need to start your catering business are boiling tables, cooking ranges and bespoke equipment, combi steamers, coffee machines, dry agers, extraction and ventilation systems, fryers and pasta cookers, flat tops and grills, grease traps, hot holding, hot water boilers, ice machines, salamanders, ovens and pizza ovens. You also need racking and shelving, as well as display equipment to keep your food items fresh. Appropriate refrigeration is also necessary to store the food. Do not forget to purchase sinks, tables, sneeze-guards, waste disposal systems, and water filtration systems either.

    All of the above-mentioned equipment can be purchased from stainless steel catering equipment manufacturers in South Africa.