Important Considerations when Selecting an ERP System

  • It is no surprise that investing in an enterprise resource planning system will do wonders for your company, regardless of its size, and industry it operates in. While most businessowners are aware of the various benefits that accompany such a system, they are less clued up on what exactly to look for when contracting an enterprise resource planning company. In fact, a lot more thought should go into choosing a system, as well as an enterprise resource planning company, than one would think.

    Before choosing your enterprise resource planning software, ensure you take the following considerations into account.

    • You need to review the trends within your industry

    One of the main benefits of investing in enterprise resource planning software is the fact that it gives you an edge over your competition. Therefore, to ensure you remain ahead of the game, you need to research how your industry is developing to ensure your software aligns with those trends.


    • Go over your business strategy

    After looking at your industry’s dynamics and determining how to best respond to said changes, you need to translate that into specific actions. Therefore, it is recommended that you look over your current business strategy and plan it accordingly. You need to determine how to best change the way you are currently doing business.


    • Talk to your employees, customers, and suppliers

    For starters, you need to ensure that the software recommended to you by the enterprise resource planning company will be accepted by your employees. In order for the system to be successful, you need to get their buy-in. Then, in terms of customers and suppliers, you should ask them what would make it easier for them to be in business with your company.


    • Review your business processes

    While you may believe you know how your business operates, you would be surprised once you start examining exactly how your employees do their work. Therefore, ensure you have a complete understanding of your businesses processes, as you cannot make improvements to something if you are not entirely sure how it operates.


    • Examine your current performance measures

    After analysing your processes, consider how well your company is performing against how you would like it to perform. Are there processes that should rather be automated? How can these processes be improved or changed?


    • Create a list of changes and requirements you want to achieve

    Finally, go over everything you have learnt in the previous steps. You should now have a better understanding of what areas in the business need to change. This is where the enterprise resource planning company comes in and develops a system for you.

    At the end of the day, the enterprise resource planning company you choose to partner with should go through all the above-mentioned points with you during your consultation. In fact, it will act as an indication of their expertise and professionalism. If they do not ask you about any of the above-mentioned points, they will not be able to customise a solution for you, as they will not have the necessary information to do so. Therefore, when looking for a reputable enterprise resource planning company, ensure they are informed on all this information.