Everything You Need to Safely Store Your Valuables

  • Are you moving into a new home and need a place to store your unused and non-essential furniture? Is your home currently undergoing renovations, and you need a place to safely store the room’s belongings for the time being? Or are you expecting a new family member in a few month’s and need to start getting the little one’s room ready? If any of the above sounds familiar to you, you may want to consider researching the different storage facilities in Cape Town. Whether for short- or long-term, it would be wise to declutter your home and rent out a storage unit.

    The only issue that remains is ensuring you store your valuables safely by making use of the correct packing supplies. Most storage facilities in Cape Town will be able to supply you with the packing supplies you need for a small fee, but just to be safe, ensure you have the following packing supplies ready:

    • Bubble wrap

    When storing your fragile items in storage facilities, it is recommended that you still wrap your valuables in bubble wrap, even if they will be stored in the storage unit for several months. There is no telling what could happen while transporting the item to the actual storage facility.


    In the future, you may also forget what items you have stored in certain boxes and not be as cautious when carrying them or moving them. Therefore, always ensure fragile items have been adequately wrapped in bubble wrap.


    • Both small and medium boxes

    Whether you plan on storing old trinkets, holiday decorations, camping equipment, or non-frequently used tools at the storage facility, it is recommended that you pack related items in the same boxes so that it is easier to carry, as well as easier to collect should you need them again. Purchase boxes and label them according to what has been placed inside of them to make it easier to organise and find in the future.


    • Protectors for your mattresses, couches, and other furniture

    These protectors go together with the bubble wrap. When you store old furniture and mattresses, it is often because you plan on using it again in the future. Therefore, if you plan on keeping the items in storage facilities for long periods, you need to ensure that they are protected from dust and other debris.


    • Tape

    This packing supply is not necessarily a necessity, but it will certainly come in handy when packing boxes. If the valuables you are storing will not be used for a long period, it would be wise to tape the box closed. Not only does it make for easier handling, but your valuables will also be far more secure.


    • Padlocks

    Finally, this may not be a packing supply, but it is a requirement when placing items in storage facilities in Cape Town. To keep others out of your storage unit, you need to put your own padlock on your unit. That way, you can be confident that nobody working at the facility has access to your unit.